Advertising Through Vending Machines

Advertising Through Vending Machines

Introduction to Vending Machine Industry

There are ways of creatively doing business in the modern world today. Before going into the topic “Advertising through Vending Machines” let us introduce you to the Vending Machine industry. Having heard of the rise in creativity, an amazing revolution in the business world. This is being seen with a whole new level of shift from the traditional way of doing business. The industrial revolution in today’s competitive world has given a new shape to businesses. One such industry is the Vending Machine Industry. A vending machine is an automatically generated machine that dispenses products like snacks, beverages, munchies, or any consumable or non-consumable common items displayed in the machine in exchange of payment inserted in it.

The concept of vending machines originated in the 1880s in England. The industry has since then seen an emerging boom in the business. Today vending machines exist in almost all countries and occupy a good market size which is likely to reach $25.25 Billion by 2027. This coin-operated machine is a flexible and easy way of distributing the common items to the target audience. Not only have these machines served the FMCG industry but along with that it has covered almost all business frontiers like electronics, automobile, newspaper, insurance, Gaming, etc. These automated machines have gained a lot of popularity in countries like China, Japan, US, UK where these types of machines have become quite common just like a phone booth. 

Boom in the Advertising industry through vending machines

You won’t be surprised to know how cost-effective advertising has become in this modern world. The new era of digitization has given every business and every individual business person a chance to advertise their products and services with a minimal spend. A great opportunity today is possible in the advertising industry with digital marketing. It is one such platform that gives the highest amount of ROI and operates as per targeted audience which are easy to locate.

Traditional way of doing marketing involves huge amounts of money yet is a very powerful way of advertising just like guerrilla marketing that drives a high amount of public and runs successful marketing campaigns. These different ways of marketing have given exceptional rise in the advertising industry. These are the creative strategies that has flourished the marketing industry.

Running Advertisement through vending machines with dedicated display

There’s nothing that comes easy these days except running an ad over places which are easy to target and see a huge footfall. Advertising at places where vending machines are installed becomes an effective way of reaching the target audience. Running advertisements on vending machines with dedicated displays attracts the audience in a manner that they are most likely to forget.

Advertising on vending machines is a most common practice used by marketers overseas. It expands reach that makes your brand largely known to the public, it gives you traffic for your website, it makes your business profitable, it highlights you more than your competitors, etc. Vending machines are a good way of promoting business and have hidden benefits that one could not expect alone. A dedicated display might help you to flourish your business and make it known to the public. 

Benefits of Advertising through vending machines:

An advertising through vending machines have numerous advantages:

Instant solution for travelers

Vending machines give an easy and convenient mode to end users by providing them items they commonly require within their reach. It is an instant solution for travelers and passersby to purchase items within their limit. 

Expands reach

Advertising through vending machines allow companies to reach to a larger group of people. This helps the brand to come into the eyes of public and become known to them. Vending machines being installed at every corner of the country displays advertisement that is most likely to be noticed by the public.  


Creates Brand’s Face Value

Promotion takes place at a wide platform where vending machines are present. This makes company known to public. It helps in creating face value of the brand. The more people see the ad the more the brand will become known to them. This in turn will create an unforgettable face value for business.



Makes business profitable

The more the advertisement reaches the public, the more people it will target. This will make them spend willingly and will ultimately make businesses profitable. Goal of any company that does business is to earn profits. This is easily achievable via ads through vending machines.

Great Marketing Tool


Every business aims to run an effective marketing campaign. Vending machines provide a great way of marketing. They are installed at different places, yet, within the reach of public. It is an amazing marketing tool for business. It helps to advertise products or services in a unique yet effective manner. 



Builds Trust in Customers

A regular advertising of business on vending machines makes the brand reliable and helps in gaining the trust of customers/consumers. This becomes an effective way of increasing number customers along with trustworthy existing customers. 



Types of Advertising through vending machines

Body Advertising


It is a most traditional way of advertising where both sides of vending machines depict the brand. The body of the machine in such advertising represent tags of the goods displayed. This provides the most direct representation. A commercial refrigerators displaying the ad of coca-cola, pepsi, etc. is a type of body advertising via vending machines.

Display Screen Advertising

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This is a smart way of advertising in the modern world. This type of vending machine includes a digital screen on it. This makes it interactive with the users. Vending machines create a considerable amount of advertising value. This is a form of video advertising that plays through a screen put up on vending machines.


Mobile Payment Advertising

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This type of advertising makes the ad appear on the mobile phone screen of the customer. User makes the payment of the product he wishes to dispense from vending machine via phone. After which, Ad starts to appear on the screen which displays the advertising.

Goods Display Advertising

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This type of advertising displays details of the goods that generate via machine over a screen. This allow customers to look at the advertising of the product and make a willful purchase. It is a most targeted form of advertising via vending machines.



Vending machines are an effective way of running an advertisement and promoting business. Countries like China, Japan, USA have been using it from quite a long time. Vending machines are user-friendly. It makes products easily available. It has the ability to give huge contribution to the economy via advertisements along with making businesses highly profitable. Vending Machine business is a good source of earnings. It creates a win-win situation for all.

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