Breaking the Taboos through Vending Machines

Breaking the Taboos through Vending Machines

How often do you hear stereotypes talking about topics such as periods, sexual intercourse, and words associated with them like sanitary napkins, condoms, etc.? Yes, these are the topics that need to be discussed openly without any harm. But in this society, there are stereotypes for whom talking on such topics is nothing but a shame. However, in order to expose the world with these certainties is a must. Vending Machines helps in breaking the taboos by displaying these products openly in the market. Why are these taboos not talked about freely? This question will prevail till the time everyone accepts how normal and important these topics are. 

We at Vendify never go out of subject when it comes to educating society. We love our work and believe in spreading as much information as possible. For us, it is our duty to cover the areas that would make a better society. In this blog, we are going to break the prevailing taboos. We will discuss how vending machines are a successful mechanism that helps in dispensing sanitary pads and condoms on the go. We will also discuss how normal it is to sell such products from vending machines? Let’s break the taboos through vending machines.  

How Vending Machines helps in breaking the taboos:

  • Vends products that are considered taboo even today

Products such as sanitary pads, condoms, menstrual cups, etc. are still considered a taboo in society. Even today, people hesitate to publicly make a purchase. Vending machines provide an easy solution. There are vending machines that specifically vend sanitary pads. These machines have become quite demanding in schools, colleges, hostels, etc. Educational institutions and hospitals are highly influential areas where these vending machines are present. Today, about 80% educational institutions have these machines installed at their location. 

  • Advertise such products 

Vending machines provide a space which is called bodily advertising. These spaces cover advertisements related to condoms and pads. This helps in creating awareness in society. A vending machine provides a creative way of advertising through campaigns that strictly focus on promoting products such as condoms and pads. These advertisements not only help in generating healthy knowledge. It helps in economic growth as well. 

  • Educate the society 

Vending machines are a great way of educating society and breaking the taboos. Also, we find informative videos that run on these machines. These informative videos help in creating awareness in society in a way that it becomes impactful. Ads in vending machines run in the form of videos that contain a story. It also includes posters with alarming slogans, taglines and many powerful yet catchy phrases. This helps in getting the attention of the public at large. 

  • Target influential areas such as educational institutions, hospitals, etc.

Most popular vending machine is sanitary pads vending machines. These machines are today in high demand by schools, colleges, hospitals, hostels, etc. Installing vending machines at such places is a necessity. A machine present at these places is a coin operating machine that dispense the product. It not only creates money but also becomes a sign of relief for providing necessary items on the go. You can also find these machines at hospitals, hostels, offices, and other premises where female footfall is large. 

What are the taboos and how vending machines are breaking them?

If we look at the overall population rate of India, in every two seconds one baby takes birth. This could be due to anything. There are number of cases show the loss of new born baby or rising cases of abortion. Setting up a vending machine selling precautionary items such as condoms is a great way in breaking the taboo. Purchasing condoms, even today, is a taboo. Having given the facility of buying it without any human interaction i.e. via vending machines, is a convenient way that consumers have. This is one of the biggest taboo we find in India. Vending machines are successfully making a mark in breaking such taboos. 

Where there is hesitation to purchase products such as sanitary napkins and condoms, we can say vending machines have made it a lot easier with their purchase. With the coming of vending machines selling such items, condom manufacturing industries have seen an immense increase in overall annual sales. 

Vending machine business has the potential to bring down the stereotypical mentality of Indians. This business is already on a path to break the barriers. The selling of tabooed items has seen a positive response from consumers. Therefore, other than making a profitable business from vending machines by selling such items, we can also change the mindset of society. This will help in making the country a better place to live in. 

We at Vendify does not believe in all this. We provide you smart facilities irrespective of the product your vending machine dispense. In order to know more you can contact us through our website or call us at 093118 15334

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