How much has the Vending Machine Industry Revolutionized?

How much has the Vending Machine Industry Revolutionized?

Time waits for none and with time everything changes. From the ancient era to the modern world, there are a lot of changes taking place. There were times when people use to carry on every task manually. Talking about the business world in general, there was hard labor exercises that use to follow. In this blog we are going to discuss the revolution that vending machine industry is bringing and will continue to bring. We are going to discuss how vending machines and their usage has been evolving overtime. In other words, we will discuss how vending machines have changed overtime and to what extent the consumer experience has improved with the coming of new technology.

World’s first vending machine to smart vending machines

World’s first vending machine came in the 1st century. It is made by Hero of Alexandria. This is a coin operational machine to dispense holy water. Slowly and gradually new vending machines such as, chewing gum vending machine, newspaper vending machine, photo booth vending machine, cigarette vending machine, birth control vending machine, etc. started coming. 

Around the 1880s, there were coin operated vending machines that dispense products like postcards. Slowly and gradually with time, everything changed. We today find cashless vending machines taking the toll. 

There is a consistent change in consumer’s behavior from the last two decades. With the coming of technology, the business world has seen a massive advancement. There was a time when people hesitated in relying on machines. Companies who adopt tech in their business have to go through a lot of pain and suffer in making people understand how technology can change lives.

Technological revolution from last decade has given a clear picture of the digital world. Today, 90% of businesses are dependent on technology. There’s hardly any business other than the labor industry, where tech is less in use. So is the revolution seen in the vending machine industry. 

From the 1st vending machine that used to dispense holy water to coin operated machines to smart machines today, the vending industry has seen a massive change in behavior. Back then, when we used to shop or purchase a product it was a lot more different than what we do now. To keep up with the changing consumer behavior, it became important for the vending industry to go parallel with these advancements. Today, almost everywhere we find smart vending machines. 

Let’s see what smart vending machines today do compared to traditional vending machines back then.

In today’s era, going cashless is the new normal and hence, with time vending machines have also become smart by going cashless. Along with that, we also have touch screen vending machines which makes vending easy. Earlier, either you find machines accepting cash and vending the items. There was no unique mechanism that used to govern the machine. Today, a lot has changed. Vending machines today are easily trackable, cashless, smart and simple to use. It operates keeping in mind consumer behavior through macro-economics. 

At Vendify, you will get to know what actually makes these machines smart. Inside these vending machines are installed chips that gives the consumer an easy access to vend products. And for vendors, it provides a chance to track, manage, organize and maintain the overall machine. Therefore, companies like Vendify, are providing a smart solution to those dealing in the vending machine industry.

Machines, compared to early days, come with display boards that give the chance to consumers to select their order by tapping the options on screen. It helps them in going cashless by providing them an option to pay digitally via mobile. The 21st century has a lot of successfully running smart vending machines that have brought a massive revolution in society. Today, countries like Japan and the US have business operations that they manage through overall vending industry tactics. India is also, by far, changing parallelly, but will see a lot of vending operations soon. 


With time there has come a lot of changes in the business industry. Vending machine businesses have also grown to a whole new level. From the first vending machine that came in the 1st century to smart vending machines that are being operated in the 21st century today, looking closely we find how revolutionary this has been. Every decade has seen a rising demand for vending machines. In the coming years, just like countries such as Japan, China or USA, India will see the rising demand in vending machines as it provides a convenient way to shop.

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