Unique types of Vending Machines around the World

Unique types of Vending Machines around the World

Unique Vending Machines around the world

In India, we have not seen a lot Unique types of Vending machines. But in reality there are a lot of different and Unique types of Vending Machines available in the world.

Today we are going to talk about some of them and what makes them Unique Vending Machines. We all Know that we can find the most number of Vending Machines in Japan and the USA, as they both have more than 5 million Machines. Since they have the most Vending Machines, the chances of their machines being Unique are the most.

Carvana Car vending machine

This might be the biggest Vending Machine you will ever see. Carvana Car vending machine is situated in different States of USA and it Vends Car. The Carvana Car Vending Machine is the first fully-automated, coin-operated car vending machine in the U.S. Similar to how a can of soda is dispensed through a vending machine once it’s been purchased. Carvana’s Car Vending Machine dispenses cars originally purchased online to customers through a fully-automated process

The Car Vending Machine provides a first-of-its kind, unparalleled user experience created through the combination of technology, robotics, and a custom made glass environment. To pick-up a purchased vehicle, the customer enters their name and drops a coin into the Car Vending Machine’s Control Panel, which then lights up and initiates the vending process.

The Vending Machine then retrieves the car from the Tower and places it on a track, which then moves the car through the machine until it reaches and enters the designated Delivery Bay. The Bay then opens and the customer is invited in, to take possession of their new vehicle.

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Beer Vending Machine

This one is also a very different and Unique kind of Vending machine which is found in Japan. Beer vending machines can be found in almost every town and city, with most Japanese beer brands having their own branded dispensers. In the early 2000s concerns relating to underage drinking led to many of them being fitted with electronic driving license scanners, and it appears the concerns were valid, as sales from some machines dropped by 50%.

Unique Vending Machines

Crab Vending machine

Ok, so you have heard about Car vending machines and beer vending machines. You also might have heard about a lot more Unique vending machines. But China has Invented a different type of machine which has Live crabs in it. This machine holds an army of living crustaceans, all put on ice enough to keep them alive. Sleepy, but alive. The machine was designed to provide quick and easy access to these critters, without a long trip to go buy them outside of the city. 

The machine, located in a Nanjing, China subway station sells about 200 crabs a day at a cost ranging from about $2 to $7, depending on the size of the crabs. They already have a second machine in operation, and plan to expand to other cities in the near future.

Unique Vending Machine

Book Vending Machine 

While technological advances can be seen as a threat to our beloved paperbacks, this isn’t the case in Singapore.Enter the book vending machine at the National Museum of Singapore, where technology is actually making it easier for bookworms to get their fix the traditional way. You can get anything from children’s titles to graphic novels or poetry collections.

Unique Vending Machine

Gold on Demand Vending Machines

A Florida based Incubator company has this Vending Machine Installed. The so-called Gold to go Vending machine dispenses .999 pure Credit Suisse gold bullion bars and U.S. minted American Eagle Gold Coins.  Consumers deposit cash in the machine to complete a purchase.

Unique Vending Machine

Stray Cats and Dogs feeder Vending Machines

This is one Unique Vending machine.  Istanbul has a lot of stray cats and dogs. You can just put empty water bottle and plastics and this vending machine will dispense food for strays.

This is a nice Idea.Isn’t it?

Unique Vending Machines

Bait Vending machines

A fisherman’s Best friend. Live bait machines Vend live worms and bloodworms for fishermen to catch fish. These Machines started first in Michigan, USA and took the world by storm and can now be found in Japan, China and Hong kong also.


Rhinoceros Beetle Vending Machine

Many People want rhinoceros beetles as pet in Japan. So Japan decided to make a vending machine for them. You can buy Rhinoceros beetles for 100$ and keep them forever with you as your pet.

 Cloth Vending Machines

Well you might be forgetting your clothes when you are travelling. Do not worry, Uniqlo has cloth Vending machines for last minute clothing necessaries or if you forgot your T-shirt.

Flower Vending Machines

For less than the equivalent of $2, residents of cities in China such as Beijing and Guangzhou can get a small bouquet of flowers to take home. You can find the blossom-dispensing machines  in malls, subway stations, and even inside residential communities.

So these were the 10 Unique Vending Machines you will find around the world. If you want to put Unique objects in your Vending Machines.

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