How to purchase a smart vending machine in India?

Want to purchase a smart vending machine?

As with the rise of technology, everything is growing at a rapid pace. If we talk about vending machines, they are becoming more and more modern with smart technology. The demand for contactless purchases and rapid access to products are increasing as more and more people are thinking of starting a vending machine business. And to start a vending machine business, the first thing that comes to mind is “from where can I purchase a smart vending machine”.

So let’s dive deeper into how you can purchase a vending machine for your business and what are the things that you will have to consider before buying a vending machine.

Types of smart vending machines

When buying a vending machine, you need to know what type of vending machine you want, will it be a snack vending machine or a beverage vending machine or a combo vending machine.

Pricing of the vending machines mostly depends on what type of vending machine you want. Also you need to have a clear vision before starting your vending business that you want to be in the S & B sector or electronic sector or something else.

Traditional vs smart vending machine

When you decide to buy a vending machine, you also need to know if you want a traditional vending machine or a smart vending machine.

Smart vending machines

Traditional vending machines are those types of vending machines that accept cash and coins and have buttons to choose your order type while smart vending machine are those machines which accept digital payment and you can purchase the products from a touch display or through your smartphone.

Import or Domestic

Now the most important thing comes into place whether you should import the vending machine or domestically procure it from a vendor. 

If you are thinking about importing a vending machine the initial cost of the vending machine might be less but you also have to consider the custom and shipping and handling charges. 

But if you buy a vending machine domestically, then the price might be higher, but, you wouldn’t need to worry about the custom or the shipping and handling charges.

Also you need to understand the fact that whether you import or procure a machine domestically you should consider the time it might take for delivery.

Vending machine vendors

After you have decided on all the above things, then comes the part where you will have to contact a vendor to get your vending machine.

There are a lot of vendors through which you can get your vending machines like Seaga, XY vend, TCN, etc.

From these manufacturers, you can either get a customized smart vending machine according to your needs or you can get a pre-built vending machine.

Factors to consider before buying smart vending machine:

  • Location

To have a successful vending machine business you need to figure out the location where you want to keep your vending machine, which is really important. Choosing a good location for your vending machine is very crucial because it derives your sales volume and profitability. You can choose the products to keep in your vending machine according to your location requirements.

  • User friendly smart vending machine

Vending machines should be easy to use, especially for younger children. If the engagement is high then the business becomes profitable. Things which are difficult to operate on often lose interest. Therefore a vending machine should be easy to use. 

  • Renting vending machines

The new modern vending machines tend to be more & more expensive with their touch interface and digital payments. So it depends on you what type of vending machine you want to go for. 

If you are uncomfortable with buying a new vending machine you can rent a vending machine at a lower cost and start your vending machine business. But when you are renting a vending machine, you will have to consider a few important things like checking the condition of machines motors, coolers, trays, spirals, etc.

  • Stock and maintenance

Keeping your vending machine full all the time is really important. The products should be managed in such a way that the supply is always sufficient as per the demand. 

Machines will eventually stop running and would need servicing so keeping the machine up to date will be a high priority task. If the vending machine stops running then the profit generated will be less.

Also when your machine is not running and low on stocks, the user experience also gets ruined for the consumers.

To know more about “how to start a vending machine business

How can Vendify help you?

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