Must read this before buying second hand vending machine

Must read this before buying second hand vending machine

Second hand vending machine (SVM) are frequently found in markets or in stores.  Second hand vending machine can also be called refurbished vending machines. They are usually cheap and are often sold at a very low price. In this article we have discussed some important aspects of buying second hand vending machine. It is very important to know the difference between buying second hand vending machines and buying a new vending machine. 

Following is the checklist of the most important things that you need to know when buying a second hand vending machine. Some of the parts of vending machine is going to depend on their type.

Check the physical appearance of the second hand vending machine 

Second hand vending machine

The first thing which you need to focus on in the second hand vending machine is the metal cabinet and glass door of the machine. Try to look at the machine closely. Check whether a dent on the body of the machine is there or not. If the machine is clean or not, check whether it is scratched or not. You have to check it out like you are buying a car. In short, you need to check external damage closely – Maintained, clean, scratched, dented, or damaged. If the machine is damaged, you will not be able to use it for your business and people may also not like to use it. 

Check Coin acceptor of the second hand vending machine  

Coin acceptor

Check whether the coin acceptor is working properly or not. Try to use this coin acceptor with plastic caps, tin-sized coins, and fake coins. An electromagnet and a coin counter are attached to this coin acceptor. It is very important to check whether the electromagnet is working or not since the electromagnet identifies the coin with its composition and thickness and then counts the coin.

Check Currency reader of the second hand vending machine

Cash acceptor

It is the device that confirms the currency and reads the value of the currency. It is attached to the cash acceptor, which has a treadmill-like path to collect the note. Check whether it is properly working or not. You can also try fake notes and paper notes so that it can check the authenticity of the note. It is very important to check the authenticity of the currency so that the vending machine can dispense the right item as per its price. 

Check the payment system of the second hand vending machine

payment system

Try to check whether the payment system is working properly. If the machine can accept more than one kind of payment, then try to transact with the machine in all kinds of payments. 

How MDB is working


MDB is an abbreviation for “Multi Drop Bus.” This is a connecting technique for peripheral devices used in vending machines (coin validators, banknote readers, etc.). Check whether MDB is functioning properly or not. It is called the brain of the vending machine through which all things are interlinked to each other and function accordingly. 

How much electricity does it consume?

energy efficient second hand vending machine

Choose an energy-efficient machine that will operate practically continuously. When your utility expenses are lower, you might earn more money. It is better to choose a machine that consumes less energy. You can also check the energy efficiency of the machine by using a meter. 

Check refrigerating feature of vending machine

This is an important aspect of a refrigerator vending machine since cold beverages and juices are put into this type of vending machine. Vending machines use refrigeration to keep drinks cool. Once the correct temperature is selected, the machine’s inbuilt sensors maintain a constant temperature by controlling the flow of compressed gas through a condenser and expansion mechanism to cool the air inside the cabinet. 

Check drop sensor of vending machine

Drop Sensor

The drop sensor is located at the bottom of the machine which ensures that the item is successfully reached the bottom of the machine. Drop Sensor checks whether the item has reached to pick-up section or not. 

Try second hand vending machine with other products 

Future of retail in vending machine

You need to test the vending machine with each and every item that you want to sell. Since the items are in different sizes and shapes that’s why you need to check the vending process with each of them. You need to make sure that the machine can handle the items that you want to sell. 

Pay attention to manufacturers and ask for previous repairs and services.

Repair Second hand vending machine

Check who is the manufacturer of the machine so that in the future, if you want to repair the items, you can do it easily. Ask the owner for all receipts of purchase, repair, and service of the machine. Also check how efficiently motors, coils and conveyor is working. Coil vending machine is one of the most common types of vending machines. One needs to ensure that all coils are working properly or not. 

If after checking for all faults, you find any discrepancy, then do try to compensate the owner in terms of money. We hope, we gave you some insights about the second hand vending machine and added some important aspects to your knowledge. Do tweet out your thoughts by tagging us on Twitter. 


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